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Sheldon Crabtree
Tel: +27 (0) 82 574 5757

How it works

Selling and delivering local products on Deep Roots

  • Sellers complete the Deep Roots Seller’s form, including product information, pricing and Seller’s banking details.
  • A photograph of your work is entered on the DeepRoots site.
  • Deep Roots uses its developed electronic and social network to promote your work
  • Arrangements are made regarding storage and delivery of goods
  • Interested buyers contact Deep Roots and payment is confirmed.
  • Sellers are contacted once the sale has been completed.
  • Buyers have the option of collecting the work directly from us or for delivery at an additional cost.
  • The selling price less Deep Roots’commission is paid to the Seller’s nominated account.
  • Deep Roots will store your products in a safe environment until they are sold as this allows for fast and efficient delivery to the client (less hassle for you).
  • There will be paperwork protecting us and you making sure everything is fair.

How we started

Deep Roots was started by Sheldon Crabtree after returning from Europe and having seen the desire for African Objects d’Art. The frustration of having no platform to promote his own art and craft together with his unending enthusiasm and drive to promote South African products and to help the regular guy, led to the creation of Deep Roots a proudly South African online gallery.

Join us at Deep Roots and benefit from the opportunity of promoting your products locally and internationally.

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